Down The Line (DTL)

Set to CPSA standard our DTL practice facilities are some of the best in the North West. Set in our huge purpose built undercover stand with acoustic release, it’s a fantastic place to hone your Down The Line Shooting skills.

What is DTL?

Down the Line or DTL as its commonly known is a very popular clay pigeon shooting discipline. It’s all about concentration and reaction time.

Targets are thrown from a trap that is situated 16 yards from where the shooter is, there a five different places where the shooter stands which gives a different angle on the target. The target is then thrown, up to a distance of 50 meters by a trap that oscillates from side to side in a 22 degree zone.

Targets are shot in blocks of 25, each single target can be shot with either barrel and points are awarded for each shot. 3 Points for a first barrel hit, 2 points for a second barrel hit and 0 points for missing. Each is marked out of 300.

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Scott Barnett Shooting Tuition

DTL Expert

Our resident expert John Barnett is a current DTL England Team member. With his expertise and tuition he can help you get to the magic 100 – 300

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