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When buying a new shotgun, most people do not think about if the gun fits them properly, most buy a shotgun based on the quality of the wood of the stock, engraving on the action and the price!

Gun fitting is THE most important part for any serious clay or game shooter.

After buying your chosen shotgun, you are more than likely to keep it for a number of years or possibly a lifetime.

Whether its just a hobby/shooting for fun or from a serious competition point of view, hitting the clay target/game definitely increases your enjoyment of the sport.

We guarantee gun fit will increase your hit ratio, ask any good clay or game shooter and we are sure they will agree that gun fit is very important.

In most cases, if your shotgun does not fit you correctly, you will adapt your shooting style to make the gun fit and possibly creating some bad habits, which will hinder your shooting.

Shotgun shooting is instinctive, so careful aim will hit some targets but, if the gun fits you properly, the gun will naturally take up the position as part of the shooters body posture. E.g. if the gun fit is high, when you fire the gun the shot will be high, therefore possibly missing the target over the top.

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Gun Fitting Session

In a gun fitting session, we initially ask you to mount the gun, therefore we can see any obvious ill-fitting components straight away. The instructor will then look down the barrels to check that the cast of the gun is correct.

This process will then be repeated and adjustments will be made until the instructor is happy, this will then be checked on a pattern plate and afterwards the instructor will take you out to shoot some targets to see what other adjustments need to be made.

fter having the gun fit, you can now concentrate on the shooting and more often than not, you are able to see immediate improvements in your hit ratio.
Gun fitting sessions are readily available with Scott at £50 an hour.


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